Inspired Vintage Wedding Dresses

When you shop for your wedding dresses you may hear the term “vintage” thrown around quite a bit. This term, Vintage Wedding Dress, is loosely used to describe many details of your future wedding day. These days almost anything inspired by something from the past can be described as vintage. Don’t let it overwhelm you! – If you are going for a “Vintage” wedding theme or want vintage wedding dresses, let’s take a few minutes to really define your vintage inspired wedding day style.

    • Once you decide on your preference of vintage, you will have an easier time planning your special day and explaining your vision to your wedding planners and vendors with best wedding dresses without price concern and cheap looking. If you really have a focus on what elements of vintage gowns you want to focus on with big sale, then you will have a much easier time. For example, a modern wedding dress may have perfect vintage wedding dresses inspired lace pattern or vintage beading. Your wedding day hairstyle may be vintage or reminiscent of a 1950s Pin Up girl with large soft waves. Most of the brides that I have had the pleasure in knowing typically choose to use the word “vintage” to define details of their wedding but will not choose an overall vintage theme because it leaves too much to interpretation.

      Plus Size Wedding Dresses

              Vintage wedding gown styles does not have any size limitations. Any bride of any size would look absolutely stunning in a vintage inspired wedding dress. A Popular vintage bridal dress look is a dress with heavy beading inspired by the 1920’s in which heavily beaded gowns were in high and big demand and given even more notoriety when depicted in the Great Gatsby’s book and more recently 2013’s movie starring Leonard DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. A fully hand beaded gown is super elegant and a fabulous way to celebrate your wedding. Unless you are a Hollywood star, there are not many times that you will have the opportunity to wear a gown dripping in diamonds collections. There is also something super romantic about wearing a wedding dress that is twinkling and sparkling with crystals and diamonds. No matter the size gown you need or type of beaded wedding style you desire, Jasmine Bridal has many official quality offers for designer wedding gowns collection to choose from.

      Boho inspired Vintage Wedding Dress

              A bohemian bride is known to be very whimsical, free-spirited, loose fitted gowns that can range from very simple, intricate lace designs or fully beaded. In general, the more vintage inspired gowns for the boho bride would have a sheath shape, portrait neckline and a very vintage looking beadwork. An industry term that is used to describe a boho bride with vintage inspired taste has been keyed the couture boho bride. A very famous wedding that has inspired the term couture boho bride was super model, Kate Moss’s wedding to rocker husband, Jamie Hince.

      Beaded Wedding Dresses

              As previously mentioned, beading is one of the most common ways to define a vintage gown. However, this is not the only way to describe a gown Hand beaded gowns have been around for ages, but there is something very vintage about a beaded gown. It feels very formal and elegant. Modern day beading can even be described as vintage but it is also moving towards a lighter beaded look which has a very whimsical and romantic look. “Modern” beading can also be described as vintage because just like a heavier beaded gown, Marilyn Monroe and her predecessors wore lightly beaded gown that were very provocative in shape, neckline and drape.

      High Low Wedding Dresses
      High-low skirts have been a popular trend in the most recent 21st century and have been reportedly popular been popular as early at the 19th century, reappearing in a big way during the late 1920s and early 1930s. This type of hemline, see photos above, is a fabulous way to pay homage to these exciting era’s in fashion history. It is also a glamorous way to show off a great pair of wedding shoes! High-low gown come in all types of fabrics, styles, silhouettes and colors with a variety in necklines that include but are not limited to a strapless, halter, V-neck and portrait. Another term that has been associated with high low vintage gown is the fishtail hem or waterfall skirt. These types of skirt styles are similar versions to a high-low skirt.

      Vintage Lace Wedding Gown
      For almost 200 years brides across the world have been inspired by Queen Victoria who started this lasting tradition to wear a white gown on the day of your wedding. Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding gown trimmed in the most beautiful lace in 1840. According to many historians, her choice to wear white in 1840 was very strange because most women would wear a dress made from a very heavy silk in a color that was readily available, most women chose black. In more modern times a vintage lace wedding dress is described as vintage depending on the shape of the dress whether it is sheath, ball gown, or fitted and the type of lace can determine whether it is vintage or modern. Also, the way the lace fabric is made can define whether it is vintage inspired. Originally lace patterns were handcrafted during a very slow and delicate process. Although, most lace patterns are no longer handmade, the delicacy and variety of lace on the market is still considered one of the most romantic wedding dress fabrics.