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Wedding dresses selection have changed and evolved throughout the decades with the length, fabric, style, and overall look. The fashion in the 1900’s consisted of more conservative wedding dress with high necklines, puffy sleeves, and gloves. As the years passed, wedding dress today began to evolve in quality as it correlated with major events and movements that happened either in society or within the wedding dresses clothing industry during those different decades.

Popular Bridal Trends

Within the past years, bridal fashion has become more fashion forward with styles that steer far away from the typical and traditional wedding dress. Some of the wedding dress trends that became popular during the past year of 2016 were 3-D floral appliques, feathers, illusion bodices, sexy plunging necklines, and dramatic tiered skirts with hundreds of yards of lightweight organza fabric. It is clear that these bridal trends are more fashion savvy and became popular last year because of the statements they made for the modern bride. The bridal trends that have recently been popular are far from the traditional bridal designs that the bridal industry used to see on brides. The popular bridal trends sometimes stay for the long run and can be seen for more than a season or they do not become a big hit and only stay for that season that the trend was introduced. Some trends like a soft sweetheart neckline are timeless while others are only around for a year or two. Another bridal fashion trend is for something to become very popular for a few seasons, disappear and then resurface in a few years. The fashion world is very cyclical.

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Just like the mainstream fashion industry, the bridal industry can also be heavily impacted by celebrities. Specific styles that icons are seen wearing influences the public to want to wear what they see in the media. Celebrities also inspire bridal designers to create high end and custom wedding wear that mimic what celebrities, fashion icons, high society and royalty wear for their weddings. An example of this would be royal weddings, when Kate Middleton wore her timeless wedding dress that had lace and long sleeves that showcased elegance, the bridal industry started creating wedding gowns that were similar to Kate Middleton’s dress. Almost every bride to be wanted that iconic dress that Kate Middleton wore on her special day. Just by that one royal wedding, a design that may not have been popular with brides that year became the buzz with every woman planning their upcoming wedding. More and more of the future brides during that time longed for bridal dresses with sleeves that would make them look as elegant and royal like Kate Middleton. The beautiful lace dress with long sleeves that Kate Middleton wore in her royal wedding to say “I do” became the trend for the upcoming bridal seasons to come after that day. Another bridal trend that came to be after Kate Middleton’s wedding had brides searching for a long cathedral train fit for a princess again. The long cathedral train on a wedding dress was a very traditional look and came back to bridal fashion after the royal wedding in 2011.

One of the major ways that the bridal fashion industry has evolved is with the bridal trend that is slowly creeping into the industry, which is the wedding pant suit. Brides no longer have to be seen wearing the typical wedding dress because of the new trends that have blossomed within the bridal fashion industry. Women who are getting married can wear a pant suit without being judged because of the movement that has been seen in society. Women do not have to wear super feminine designs on their wedding day. The wedding pant suit is an upcoming trend that is sure to be seen as a norm within the bridal fashion industry. There are no more rules when it comes to bridal fashion, which has allowed brides to be their true self.

Jasmine Bridal has been a leader in creating major wedding trends and can be seen in their beautifully curated bridal collections. Many of the Jasmine Bridal bridal dresses can be part of popular wedding themes, such as rustic, whimsical, glamourous, and romantic wedding days. Jasmine Bridal creates wedding dress styles that intertwine perfectly with popular wedding themes. Their dresses follow bridal trends for brides-to-be who remain classic and are theme driven. The bridal dresses that are part of the Jasmine Couture and Jasmine Collection lines include various bridal trends. The recently launched Fall 2017 bridal lines consist of bridal dresses with different silhouettes, fabrics, and trends. Jasmine Couture focuses greatly on lace and beading for brides who want that luxurious and glamorous feeling when getting married. The silhouettes that can be seen in the Jasmine Couture line are modern fit and flare, form fitting styles that accentuate the bride’s body, ball gown, a-line styles which are the most flattering shapes for all body types! The Jasmine Couture line consists of sexy bridal dresses with plunging necklines and backless designs that show just enough skin to be very sexy, but classy at the same time. Jasmine Collection, on the other hand, has various silhouettes that go with a whimsical and enchanted theme. Lace and tulle are dominant fabrics in the Fall 2017 Jasmine Collection line. Many of the Jasmine Collection wedding gowns exude the fairytale theme and are perfect for brides who want to feel like a princess. Jasmine Bridal has covered every bridal look starting at the traditional ball gown wedding dress to the very modern bridal pant suit, maternity bridal gown, pink wedding gowns, blue bridal dresses that range from very simple to very detailed.

Jasmine Bridal wedding gowns are for every type of bride. If you are well into your pregnancy and are getting married, Jasmine Bridal has maternity wedding dress options for those brides. Jasmine Bridal wedding gowns can be customized into maternity sizes so that even pregnant brides have the option to feel beautiful in designer bridal gowns. If you are into customizing your wedding dress, Jasmine Bridal also has custom wedding dress options. Jasmine Bridal has customization options to help you create your own unique wedding dress for your special day so you know that you are the only one wearing the wedding dress that you have. The customization options that Jasmine Bridal offers vary in wide range. Some of the custom options that the brides have consist of the following:
Fabric change, changing/adding sleeve length, changing the neckline, length change, changing the train length (sweep, court, chapel, tiffany, semi-cathedral, cathedral), changing/adding beading, changing/adding lining, changing the skirt shape, and plus size measurements.

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