Spoken from a Real Bride-to-Be

  After asking a soon-to-be bride what her wedding dresses from Jasmine Bridal shopping process was like and what kind of wedding dress she was leaning towards, it becomes even more evident on how the modern minimalist trend has swept the bridal industry. Here is what the bride-to-be had to say about her wedding dress shopping experience and how she decided on what style would be best for herself.


At my first wedding appointment, I did some preliminary work - I tried on every dress style possible, even if I was convinced I hated it. It was important for me to see different dresses on my body vs. envisioning something unrealistic in my head. This helped confirm what styles were actually unflattering on me and what looked nice on my figure. It helped me make a major decision - I came in not wanting to try a mermaid dress on at all and ended up realizing it was the style that complemented my body the best.


When choosing a style, I took into consideration the overall wedding aesthetic and my own personal style, and how I wanted to feel. Did I want to feel like a princess? Did I want to feel elegant? Did I want to have fun?

Based on those factors, I stayed away from long sleeve dresses adorned in lace or anything with a ton of detail. While they may look good on other brides, all the fabric and embellishments felt heavy, too vintage, and old. I also avoided the sweetheart neckline and ball gown dresses, because I felt they were too youthful and over the top for my wedding venue. I knew from the beginning I wanted a minimalist dress with clean lines, that would be more fitted, but still modern and appropriate. I think the biggest misconception when it comes to wedding wears is that brides should go over the top to honor their special day. I think modern brides are looking for something more personal that reflects their own style and makes them feel the most comfortable. Some might think a minimalistic dress might seem understated for the occasion, but I prefer the wow factor to be in the quality and fabric of the dress, and how well it fits me.

– Michaela, new modern bride.

After hearing from this bride-to-be, it shows that there are a lot of factors that go into deciding what dress to wear on such a special day. The type of wedding dress that the bride decides to wear is different for every bride depending on their body type, wedding theme, and overall style for the whole bridal party.


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