The New Move in Bridal Fashion from Jasmine Bridal

  Nowadays, most brides are not longing for the big, extravagant ball gown covered in ruffles and beads. This type of style may still have a few brides that covet it, however, it has become a style of the past for most. The new trend that has swept the bridal industry is modern minimalist wedding wears. Women that are getting married are looking for their beautiful wedding dresses in styles that are simple and clean. The new trend of modern minimalist gowns aims for an effortless design that lets brides feel freer while still looking like a bride and standing out on their big day. A lot of these newer minimalistic bridal dresses evoke either a boho chic vibe or luxury sleek look. The modern minimalist wedding gowns are lightweight and have less restricting silhouettes for a simpler, sleek design. Whether it is a wedding dress that calls for a West Coast bride getting married outdoors or an East Coast bride getting married in an industrial warehouse, modern minimalist gowns are what a current bride is most likely shopping for. This new move in bridal fashion fits many different brides and is sure to stay within the bridal fashion industry. Gone are the days where brides struggled getting into their ball gown dresses with layers of tulle or suffocating in super tight corset dresses while saying “I do”. The modern brides believe that less is more when it comes to their deconstructed wedding gowns.

  Bridal fashion is no longer necessarily being influenced by events that happen in society, but rather by the attempt to try to push boundaries and create trends that are fresh and fashion forward. Some of the trends that are seen on today’s brides are wedding gowns that could almost be worn outside of their wedding day. Simplicity and minimalistic are the keywords for the young, fashion savvy brides who want to be able to enjoy their special wedding day with comfort while feeling free yet beautiful. Many of the younger women who are getting engaged these days are planning weddings that are budget friendly, which calls for simpler wedding gowns to go with the theme of the less extravagant or minimalistic weddings.

This new move in bridal fashion is very much influenced by the modern bride and the type of women who are getting married within the mainstream society. Trends within the wedding itself are also tied to how the bride is going to decide what wedding dress to wear. Bridal fashion and wedding trends coincide with each other, relating to what the bride is going to wear and what kind of wedding the bride will have with her groom. If an upcoming wedding trend is boho chic and the engaged couple decides to plan a wedding with that trend, then the bride will most likely look for a bridal dress that goes with that boho chic theme. Whatever trends are seen within the wedding industry like industrial venues, DIY tablescapes, can also be seen within the bridal fashion industry as the dress has traditionally coordinated with the venue and the way it is “decorated”. In a minimalistic approach, the venue is not overly decorated but kept very simply to showcase the design of the venue, and the love between the couple.


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