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There have been many bridal dresses trends that have come and gone throughout all of the years. Some bridal gowns trends that were once popular back in the day have made comeback appearances in the current bridal fashion industry. Fashion recycles itself and this is true with the bridal industry as well. The bridal fashion industry is always evolving and has become more and more fashion forward as bridal designers are trying to push the envelope and cater to modern brides, brides who do not want to be traditional, and brides who want to go against the grain on their special wedding day. By constantly taking new spins on old and dated styles, designers have no problem finding brides who gravitate to their collections. Especially with the endless opportunities that brides have been given within the past 30 years or so (think feminist movement), it is no surprise that designers are reaching for new and unique brides as their target market customer. For every season that passes by, original styles and designs emerge from the bridal designers to showcase something new, fresh and different.
    • Because of the changing designs that these experts produce, it is very apparent that they are also creating these unique designs because the ideal body shapes and sizes of brides have also evolved. In the 1900’s, a bride would wear a corset to cinch the waist and emphasize the bosom with frilly fabric because modesty was expected, yet a woman was supposed to have curves. But today, you can see plunging gown backs to draw attention to a narrow waist and deep V necklines to emphasize brides’ chests. We all can think of one person who has changed the body shape ideals for women and that is Kim Kardashian. She has set the tone for the fashion industry’s draping and clothing construction standards. Tiny waists with curvy hips make brides feel sexy and beautiful. But not all brides have the same body shape, it is simply an ideal. Which is why Jasmine Bridal makes wedding gowns for brides of all sizes and shapes without sacrificing the bride’s feeling of looking absolutely flawless on her special day.

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