Guest of the Wedding Dress Trends and Tips

Formal wedding guest dresses

Whether you love or love to hate attending weddings, I think we can agree that most of us still want to look great with best wedding guest dresses showing up to a wedding, right? It is a very special day for the couple getting married and you will usually be surrounded by friends and/or family which means there will be many snap chats, Instagram posts, and Facebook shares with you in them! Jasmine Bridal has the latest and hottest wedding guest dresses and they are available in the widest range of colors and fabrics. Our special occasion wedding guest dresses are available from our Belsoie, B2, Jasmine Bridesmaids, Jade Couture, Jade and Jasmine Black Label lines. Our wedding guest dress styles range from $150 up to $600. A lot of times, the color you choose to wear to a wedding can make such a fabulous statement, if the color is important to you, then you are in the right place to pick your guest of the wedding dress.

Wedding guest dresses

Before we give you the run down on the best guest of the wedding dresses, we need to determine the type of wedding guest you are. Here’s a curated list of the different types of wedding guests to help you determine which type you are. Then, we will discuss the best types of guest wedding dresses for you. Check out the different types of wedding guests below and read more to find out what kind of dress style is perfect for you and your personality!

Wedding Guest Dresses - The Emotional One

The Party Animal

These are usually the most fun types of wedding guests because they are not crying in the corner over an emotional speech, or sitting in the corner criticizing every wedding detail like the jealous “friend”. You can usually find the party animal in the center of the dance floor or posted up at the open bar. Either way, when you are partying it up, you will want to look fabulous and feel comfortable as we do not want any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions to happen.
(Wardrobe malfunctions may include but are not limited to nip slips, broken heels, or accidentally stuffing the skirt into their pantyhose before heading back to the dance floor.)
For these reasons, we highly recommend a dress that allows you to dance and move about the wedding comfortably.

In general, a knee length dress is idea because you will not be tripping over the skirt while making your way over to the dessert table and the standard knee length measurement for all Jasmine Bridal products is 25 inches, which is a good length because it’s short enough to not trip and long enough that no one will catch a glimpse of your under garments while you are busting moves on the dance floor. Another dress detail that may be important for the party animal guest of the wedding is to avoid any strapless dress style. Strapless dresses can be gorgeous but are not practical if you want to bounce around the room talking with other guests, dancing on the dance floor or simply throwing back vodka and cranberries at the bar. Choose a dress with straps may be just what you want! A guest of the wedding dress with straps is ideal because you will not have to worry about your dress falling down or any unfortunate nip slips. Another really awesome tip for the wedding guest that wants to celebrate all night is to choose a dress with a nice fabric. Jasmine Bridal recommends a soft dupioni dress fabric because dupioni is very forgiving fabric and keeps its structure throughout the night. This way, you can party all night long but look your best!

Jasmine Bridesmaids dresses offer a wide variety in dupioni styles that are simple, or have lace and/or sequin details. You can find the perfect dress in this collection while also keeping the cost of your dress down. When you are the life of the party, we do not have any color limitations on your dress choice, except advise you to never wear white or ivory when attending a wedding unless specifically requested to do so. When you choose from any of Jasmine’s Special Occasion lines, you have so many color options that you can find the perfect color to compliment your style.Right now, we are loving a rich emerald green, soft petal pink dress, or even something more vibrant like Grapefruit can get the party started!